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It鈥檚 five years this week since I found my kidnapped friend May in China.

That incredible success was the result of many months of difficult 鈥 and sometimes dangerous 鈥 work.

I鈥檝e been here working ever since.

The global human trafficking crisis now claims over 40 million victims around the world. Most of these people are women sold for sex, and many are only girls.

While most people are now aware of the phrase 鈥渉uman trafficking鈥, only a very few of us understand what it truly means, how it affects people, and what a monstrous issue it is.

Human trafficking is generally presented in the media as a very black-and-white issue, and is often approached from a very impersonal, statistical angle.

鈥楽isters for Sale鈥 is a unique and fascinating story which gives a far more personal and nuanced insight into the complex realities of human trafficking.

It has the power to make a very real difference against this vast and growing global crisis.

My personal connection to the victims gives 鈥楽isters for Sale鈥 a rare strength, while my investigation shows that we as individuals are not powerless against human trafficking.

Even before the documentary was finished, the story gained the attention of millions of people around the world 鈥 via ABC, CBC, Channel NewsAsia, CNN, Newsweek, TEDx, VICE, VTV, Walk Free, etc.

Only last week, I did a Q&A session in Reddit鈥檚 IAmA group, which has 19.1 million members around the globe.

It quickly became one of their most popular Q&A sessions of the past year (behind figures like Bill Gates and Bernie Sanders, and ahead of Rowan Atkinson, Eric Idle, and Sam Rockwell), which really demonstrates what incredible power our story has.

The documentary has now premiered at two international film festivals, and won awards at both 鈥 for best filmmaking, and most courageous storytelling.

We couldn鈥檛 have done this without you 鈥 and, with your support, there鈥檚 so much more we could be doing.

There鈥檚 so much more to the story that we weren鈥檛 able to include in the documentary. We need funds to promote and tour the film, to spread this message as far and wide as possible.

We鈥檙e also working to expand the story as both a book and serialised podcast, to give you a deeper insight into the world of human trafficking.

Despite all the praise and attention we鈥檝e received, we鈥檝e never had a reliable source of funding.

Over the past 6.5 years, I鈥檝e poured many thousands of hours into this project.

I鈥檝e never been paid for my efforts, taking less than $25/day to cover my most basic living expenses so that I can continue to work.

Everything we鈥檝e done has been made possibly only by the generosity of individuals like yourself 鈥 and right now, we need your support more than ever.

Over 500 of you have now contributed to support our work, and that鈥檚 amazing 鈥 but it鈥檚 not enough.

If you’ve seen the documentary and believe we have an important message to share, please help us continue our work.

You can now get a very special sneak-peek at the 鈥楽isters for Sale鈥 book.

In four weeks, it will disappear, and I can鈥檛 say how or when it will be made available again.

You can make a very real difference right now at

鈥淚 just finished and I can only say wow! The story is fast-paced, moving, well-written 鈥 as a writer I tried hard to find flaws but I couldn鈥檛! I couldn鈥檛 stop reading, had lunch in front of the PC鈥 Everything is perfect!鈥 鈥 Sifis Zervoudakis, author of numerous Greek-language books

鈥淪o powerful. I鈥檓 writing my Master鈥檚 thesis on bride trafficking, but all the reports and studies in the world can鈥檛 capture the humanness of 鈥楽isters for Sale鈥.鈥 鈥 Jennifer Wells-Qu, Equality Now

鈥淲ell, damn. this is exactly why I supported you. Incredible. I think my perspective of the world changed forever.鈥 鈥 Anonymous supporter

Help us continue our work now at

Thank you,

– Ben

8 de diciembre de 2020


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