Campaign Update

Second stretchgoal unlocked! (+ Video erratum, + New stretchgoals!)

A Compendium of Witches

WOW. Second stretchgoal unlocked, which means ALL of you who got the book will also get this pin! ­čśÇ

Hard enamel pin prototypeHard enamel pin prototype

┬áI’m really overwhelmed by all your support – to think that this book that gathers knowledge of such niche topics would capture the interest of so many people… it’s quite unbelievable. In a way, it fills me with hope – seeing that there are people out there who chase this knowledge, seeing that I’m not a lonely wanderer – but that we’re a big travelling company.┬á
Thank you for the faith you’re putting in this book!

ÔÇó Video erratum: people have messaged me about the ┬źDouble the magic┬╗ reward (the one with 2 bookS). YES, it includes the video tutorial as well ­čÖé I just forgot to write it in the description (I knew I would overlook something!)!┬á

ÔÇó New stretchgoals: it’s time to start thinking about new stretchgoals now that you’ve unlocked the first 2. I already have a couple of ideas, but I would like to hear your opinion as well! Stickers, extra print/postcard, extra artwork in the book? Let me know and I’ll consider it!

20 de junio de 2020


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Manuel Morales
Manuel Morales
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