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“False allegations” on the collusion among the BJP, Dawood-Mirchi and the DHFL: A Letter to the BJP President

Respected President of India, Think Twice Before Annihilating DHFL FD, NCD & Share-Holders

Dear Friends,
Here is an update for you:
We are surprised and shocked to find out that the ***ruling party is allegedly associated with the terrorist dons, viz., Dawood Ibrahim and his close associate Iqbal Mirch***i, who are again related to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (which is now under IBC) and its associate RKW Developers Private Limited (Dheeraj Realty).

Pl. follow the link below to know the full narrative. If these reports are believed to be «true»(?!), the responsibility of returning FD & NCD-Holders’ hard-earned money will also be bestowed upon our beloved ruling party.

Best regards,

***A gentle reminder: Anyone can sign this petition, whether s/he is a FD or NCD-holder or not–it does not matter! Dear signatories, please involve your family-members & friends for signing the petition. Unity is strength. ***

22 de abril de 2021


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Manuel Morales
Manuel Morales
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