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Virtual Choir Instructions

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It's time to show the world the impact our voices can have. Choral music is the right place where amateur or professional signers meet physically and frequently to join their sounds in order to create the most beautiful and relevant masterpieces. This time, our doors are closed to enjoy this moment. COVID-19 has changed everything and everyone, by setting apart from us what makes us forget daily routine; physical choir production.


But do we need to stop doing what we love If uncertainty moments are the main founders of big impacts around the world? You are here reading this article and material and it is a step closer to the change. You want your voice to be listened to through a whole virtual network, by generating conscious about the prevention of COVID-19's propagation.


From we are grateful you join to this project or Virtual Choir; where millions of voices can participate to realize the work "Stay Home" by Luis Fernando Moncada and directed by José Geraldo Arrieche González, which looks for retaining our communities at home for the needed time and winning the fight against this pandemy. Together we can achieve more!


How can you participate in this Virtual Choir?




Virtual Choirs work compiling the production of each one of the voices (all the possible), in order to produce the final result by an audiovisual team; a wonderful audiovisual production. Everyone with experience at choir level can participate, from the youngest to the oldest.


To participate in our Virtual Choir (opened from April 2nd to 20th) follow the steps and tips:

  1. Review work's resources: observe and listen detaily the partiture, director's video and the voices. In this way you can understand how to produce the sounds according to your voice. Here you have the resources' list you need, check them:





S1 - S2 - A - T1 - T2 - B1 - B2


2. Practice at home: practice makes a master. You can practice in front your mirror or with your family to learn better.


3. Film your video singing: it's important you film yourself while producing the work in order to participate. You can film yourself with your internal camera (selfie can), with a tripod or being supported by someone else. Make sure your voice sounds clearly, we recommend you to use your earphones' microphone in case you don't have specialized resources. Remember to film while you're watching choir director's video.


4. Upload your video: this is the last step, yes, easy peasy. Click here to go to a Driver's Folder where you can upload it without any complication. The file name needs to follow this format: NameLastname_Country_Voice. Example: JuanRuiz_Chile_A1.


Upload your video here



There's no step five, you're ready! We will confirm your video's reception via mail. Also, we will give you a special surprise for participating in this initiative.


Don't forget to upload your video before April's 20th, in the following days we will launch the final result for our Social Media and this platform.


#StayHome and enjoy music from home; there are a lot of ways to keep doing what we love and wants to boost you to be resilient to achieve you dreams.

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AriadnaToban Hola! Hace un par de días subí mi vídeo en la carpeta compartida de drive, pero me sigue llegando un correo de invitación al coro virtual como si aún no estuviese registrada... Significa esto que mi vídeo no se recibió?

M-Carmen Me gustaría participar en un coro virtual, si hubiera. Gracias.